looking glass questions

staring in the mirror

to see yourself staring at you

but who is you

the mirror self

or the self viewing the mirror self

but how is the viewing self sure

that it is viewing

and not being viewed

for living

doesn’t mean u have Lived

Zuha Anjum 2020

Zuha Anjum 2020

life’s warning

the lion began its careful dance
while the thirsty zebra
was lost in the lust of the river.
it nearly sucked the river dry
when it heard a low growl-
but before it could move a single step
the lion had pounced-
to the beat of it’s terrified breath.
like the zebra
I am unaware of the danger
like the lion
you use it to your advantage.
but do not forget
I live on in the currents of the river
that you need to learn to respect.
for your time here is limited
so do not forget to reflect.
for the river sees and hears
things you may not expect,
and it will all come back to you
when you lay in the ground like the rest.

Zuha Anjum 2020 © 


like an icy breath of air,

you invited yourself in

I overexerted myself to stay warm,

and as I calmed down to reflect,

you flew away

leaving a crisp reminder

of your brief, yet unwelcome stay


honey as it drips,

from the tip of the spoon

the winds as they laugh,

bumping into one another

leaves dropping their green,

for a rosy maroon

the sun suddenly shy,

peaking from the clouds

happy september everyone!! this is my description of the perfect fall day, it’s my favorite season. I will miss stormy summer weather 🙂

Zuha Anjum 2020


two beautiful black birds in the early morning,

as the morning wind blew 

chattering about their day’s plans,

unaware of what it shall bring,

or what it shall not.

for their home 

their sacred and beloved tree,

would be carelessly depicted,

in a builder’s blueprint.

and they would have to start anew.

unaware of the journey ahead,

they peacefully commenced their blissful routine

Zuha Anjum 2020

sweet inferno

a raging fury

of the honeyed kind

with hues of scarlet

not easily imaginable to the human eye

rose petals painting the cheek an ethereal blend

of crimson specks

describing the good kind of blush, a blush that touches the inner spirit. i was messing around with paint on my computer and the image above is what it led to and inspired these words 🙂

© Zuha Anjum, 2020

connected souls

a thin string to the past

a broken glance

letters swimming at the tips of my tongue

yet the only words forming


how is it

when you and I talk

the buzz of life fades away

and our eyes lock

more unbreakable than

the strongest forces

in the universe

the familiarity of the heart

cannot be compared

to the familiarity of appearance

for the former

comes from the unknown

the great knowingly unknown

Zuha Anjum 2020 ©

the good kind of “no”

Sometimes we turn into such “yes” machines. People pleasers. We get so caught up with trying to be nice, helpful, and useful that we become unkind, aloof, and helpless to ourselves. This is just a reminder to make SURE to say no sometimes and maintain a good routine. There is such a thing as being too reliable and too loyal. Too much can make your heart unhappy. It may result in some sadness knowing you made someone unhappy for a brief time, but your sadness also matters if you had said yes. This doesn’t mean that you should be rude when saying no or that you should say no to everything, slowly you will learn to say no to what you may think is the right thing, but it isn’t. :))

– Just some afternoon reflection

Picture is of cake pops my sister made a while back, who doesn’t like cake pops?

forgotten longing

the echoes begin from a forgotten cave

every time I take my microscope

to examine the folds of the heart

I sigh after finding everything flourishing

but who knew

that your heart can put up a facade

and hide creases

detailed valleys filled with memories

ones that the microscope has not yet observed

the cave never grows bigger

the curves get thicker

Zuha Anjum 2020 ©