life’s warning

the lion began its careful dance
while the thirsty zebra
was lost in the lust of the river.
it nearly sucked the river dry
when it heard a low growl-
but before it could move a single step
the lion had pounced-
to the beat of it’s terrified breath.
like the zebra
I am unaware of the danger
like the lion
you use it to your advantage.
but do not forget
I live on in the currents of the river
that you need to learn to respect.
for your time here is limited
so do not forget to reflect.
for the river sees and hears
things you may not expect,
and it will all come back to you
when you lay in the ground like the rest.

Zuha Anjum 2020 © 

the sun

my buzzing mind suddenly goes blank

and the days troubles are forgotten

the wrinkles in my forehead

finally begin to adjust

to the commotion of my thoughts

as in they [my thoughts] become more meaningful

and less worrisome

perhaps it’s because the sun has stopped

intimidating me

and finally started to go away

it’s brightly obnoxious glares are now tired

and I don’t feel worthless

under its scrutinizing gaze

but it will be back tomorrow

to remind me that I have to follow the

circle of life just like it has to

and in that way

we are alike

even though we are millions of miles away

© Zuha Anjum, 2020


they think,

that their mocking words words are mere sounds

that will flow into the universe

and entertain evil laughter

not realizing that the sweet sugar-coated swords-

they pierce me with,

leave an open wound,

one that does not heal itself in a few nights,

it does not forget

for words aren’t dry erase

they are unfortunately permanent

so do not treat your tongue as a cutting weapon,

use it to spread Love

© Zuha Anjum, 2020


a lone wanderer,

walking in the middle of the dessert

with no direction in mind

filled with thirst

a tyrannous one,

the sort you feel when you wake up in the middle of the night,

the gripping thirst that forces you out of the comfortable,

cloudy folds of your blanket

and so his thirst causes him to sway

and alas a mystical oasis appears,

but he walks away

for water, was not the source of his thirst

you see, he yearned for Love,

one that captured his soul and ignited a fire within him

a fire that had flames of passion,

but left ashes of peace,

and so the traveler kept walking

and swaying

© Zuha Anjum, 2020






which way should I turn?

can I stand here longer?

should I stand here longer?

the thoughts drift through my mind,

as if a there was a leak in my boat,

and I didn’t know from where.

water was rapidly entering everywhere-

I had run around for a while trying to figure out where it had come from

but now I simply stood,

awaiting, what a beautiful word

for I realized that maybe I should swim

instead of aimlessly running around,

looking for a way

when the way had already been decided

and was kindly awaiting me

Zuha Anjum 2020 ©


birds-chirping and creating delicate tunes

the constant buzz of the highway nearby

a car every now and then passing the street

the curtains breathing in and out as the wind passes through

the smell of vanilla and sugar in the air

never-ending bliss

Zuha Anjum 2020 © 

a challenge

a walk in the park

is what they said it would be like

a piece of cake

is what they said it would feel like

but why is it so hard?

it’s as if the heaviest weight

-in the universe

has suddenly fallen on me

and I have become extremely malnourished

for no matter how hard I push,

the boulder won’t part ways

and now I just sit in the park

and have befriended the gargantuan rock

because I’ve learned that the more I resist change

the harder it becomes,

but if I accept it,

it’s no longer a challenge

© Zuha Anjum 2020


she lay wide awake

holding it to her chest,

cradling the leech,

pacifying its hunger,

awaking from her precious slumber,

to satisfy its “needs.”

it did not thank her,

it did not pay her,

yet she fought to keep it alive.

one could not take it away from her,

or do it any harm,

as she watched it like a fierce hawk.

no one dared to question her

as she engaged in this very peculiar behavior

that continued on for years.

– © Zuha Anjum, 2020